Troubleshooting eResources

How to solve common problems with accessing library resources online

EBSCO databases

There is an intermittent problem accessing our EBSCO databases (including Search Everything).

If you receive the following error when accessing an EBSCO database:


ebsco error screen

please try clearing the cookies in your browser. Need help clearing cookies? Use the clearing the cache tab for some good instructions.

If clearing your cookies does not work, please report the problem. Thanks!

ERIC Education Database

ERIC full-text documents unavailable

As of August, 2012, the ERIC education database removed many full-text PDF documents from their site pending review of personal information in those documents.

Full-text access is being restored slowly.  You may request full-text from Interlibrary Loan.

"Can't open in Safari"

Some people have reported issues using Mac OS X10.9.2 and Safari to access the libraries online resources.  Please download and use Mozilla firefox to access online resources.

Bluefire Reader Not in Google Play

The Bluefire reader has been temporarily removed from the Google Play and App Store due to an issue with the most current version. The implications of this vary by situation. Users who have the reader installed and have not upgraded since July 2019 will see no change in functionality. If they have upgraded in July 2019 or later, some users (around 5%) could see usability problems. And  those who try to download the reader will be unable to access it from Google Play or the App Store.

Users should open their .acsm file (DRM-protected EBSCO eBook) in another Adobe-DRM-compatible app. Options include Adobe Digital Editions, Bookari, or Aldiko. They will need to authorize the other app with the same Adobe ID if they have not already. Downloads of DRM-free e-books are not affected (they can be opened in any application compatible with PDF or EPUB).

Security Warning for Overdrive

If you are using an older operating system or browser. (i.e. iOS9 or below, or Windows 8 or below) you will see a security warning or a "your connection is not private" message when using Libby, the OverDrive app, or your library's OverDrive website.

If you continue despite the security warning, your data could be compromised since Overdrive can’t verify that users seeing this message are connecting with a legitimate server. Please note that OverDrive does not control the message displayed within the security warning, and messaging may vary based on your platform and browser.

To avoid this error and use Libby and Overdrive, you must update your operating system.