Library Services

Classroom Instruction Request

The library offers instruction to individual students and classes in the use of academic resources. Because instructional space in the library is limited, the reference librarian usually visits the classroom.  We believe that library instruction is more effective if students have been assigned a research project by their professor before the library class takes place. Instruction can then be tailored to needs of each class. We ask professors to schedule their classes with the reference librarian at least a week in advance. Please note that we expect the professor to be present at the class during instruction.

Librarian Contacts by Academic Department/Program

Each department and program is paired with a liaison librarian who acts as a first point of contact for faculty, teaches library instruction sessions, and oversees collection development in relevant subject areas. Please note that for the academic year of 2022-2023, Emily Alling's liaison departments will be handled by Kate Flower.

Department/Program Librarian Contact Information
Art Kate Flower; x5325
Arts Management Kate Flower; x5325
Athletic Training Emily Alling; x5322
Biology Emily Alling; x5322
Business Administration &
Economics (incl. MBA)
Pamela Contakos; x5542
Chemistry Emily Alling; x5322
Community Health Education Emily Alling; x5322
Computer Science &
Information Technology
Emily Alling; x5322
DGCE Pamela Contakos; x5542
Education (incl. M.Ed.) Pamela Contakos; x5542
English/Communication Kate Flower; x5325
Environmental Studies Emily Alling; x5322
Health Science Emily Alling; x5322
History, Political Science,
& Public Policy
Kate Flower; x5325
Interdisciplinary Studies Kate Flower; x5325
Mathematics Emily Alling; x5322
Modern Languages Kate Flower; x5325
Multi-Discipline Programs Kate Flower; x5325
Performing Arts Kate Flower; x5325
Philosophy Kate Flower; x5325
Physics Emily Alling; x5322
Psychology Emily Alling; x5322
Sociology, Anthropology
& Social Work
Kate Flower; x5325