Library Services

Access Resources From Home

Only current MCLA students, faculty, and staff have remote-access privileges to MCLA-licensed library resources. Follow the steps below to access electronic resources from off-campus.

Step 1: Activate your MCLANET account

The same information you use to access your MCLA email account is used to access electronic resources from off-campus. Your username is your A number without the (example: A30005162).

The page has information on activating your account.

Please contact TechHelp if you have forgotten your username, password, or both.

Step 2: Use links on the library web pages.

Links on the library web pages will prompt you to log in with your MCLA A number and password. One successful login establishes access to most MCLA-licensed resources.

Links not obtained from the library web pages will not recognize you as affiliated with MCLA and will not prompt you to login, therefore denying you access. Therefore, always start on library webpages when working remotely.

Step 3 (Optional): Configure Google Scholar.

If you use Google Scholar, you can configure it to have the Check MCLA Full-Text links appear off-campus by changing your Scholar Preferences.

First time off-campus users of Google Scholar should go to the main Google Scholar page and click on the three bars on the upper left hand side of the screen. In the "Library Links" section do a search for MCLA to set up a link to our library. We also recommend you set up a link to "Open WorldCat."  Articles that we own in our databases will then be linked to within your search results in Google.


Step 4 (Optional): Get an ecard from the Boston Public Library

BPL eCards are virtual library cards that allow users immediate entry to all of Boston Public Library's remotely-accessible electronic resources, including magazine databases, downloadable audio, video, eBooks, and music.

Students living in Massachusetts while attending school are eligible for a card. Go to the BPL's eCard site to sign up for one.

Save your ecard number and PIN on your computer for quick access