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STEM Garden Project | Summer 2019

Getting Started

Ask yourself:

  • What are your information needs? (Formulate as questions)
  • What types of sources might best address each of these questions?
  • How important are the criteria for evaluating information to each of your questions?
  • What's the best place to start looking for information?
  • What are the best words and search features to use in your search?

Criteria for evaluating information

Accuracy: is information verifiable in other sources? Are citations/bibliography included? Is source peer-reviewed?
Agenda: Is the information sponsored by an industry/organization? Is the author clearly affiliated with a particular school of thought?
Audience: For whom is the source written? How does this audience relate to the audience for whom you are writing?
Authority: Who is the author or creator of this source? What are their credentials? Are they experts on the topic?
Currency: How old is the information? Is it still relevant/applicable?
Relevance: Is the information in the source relevant to your topic/project?