Writing a Literature Review

Where to Search

So where do you search to find the best resources to write your research paper?

Don't start with Google to do your research. You aren't going to find the scholarly sources that are best for your research there because scholarly research costs money and isn't freely available online for the most part. Luckily, the library pays to access a lot of scholarly research and makes it available through a variety of different search tools.

Finding Articles

Looking for a specific database (such as Academic Search Premier)?

Looking for a specific journal (such as Nature)?

Are you doing a general keyword search or looking for a specific article?

  • Use Search Everything to find articles from Freel Library’s collections as well as from over 1,000 e-content collections.
  • Use Google Scholar to find articles across a wide range of academic literature, drawn from information from journal publishers, university repositories, and other websites that Google has identified as scholarly.


search everything Search Everything

google scholarGoogle Scholar


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