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For students in class HIST-290, or anyone who wants an overview of how to study historical methods

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Searching for Primary sources

Use the Advanced Search option
Add words like correspondence, memoir, letter, interview, autobiographies, diaries, or sources to search for material that includes both your terms, e.g, "Cold War" and sources 

Search Tips

  • Write out a few keywords on your topics and enter them into the search box.
  • Don't write out a sentence - you will get zero results.
  • Your results will come up ranked by relevance, which you can re-sort by title, author, or date of publication
  • When you find a title that is particularly useful for your research, click on any of the links for subject(s) to see if our library has more material on that topic
  • Start with broad searches. It's much easier to discard too much rather than start with too little.
  • Give yourself time!
  • If you need help, let me know

Finding Books & EBooks

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  • Use WorldCat to search for books and ebooks held by libraries worldwide. Use the 'Request on Interlibrary Loan" button to request the item from another library.

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