Evidence-Based Practice in Sports Medicine

A guide on Evidence-Based practice, including what is EBP, EBP in five steps, evidence hierarchy, and how to find systematic reviews

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Emily Alling

What is Evidence-Based Practice?

EBP is a method of effectively translating EBM into practice: using the best existing evidence and research, knowledge of clinical experts, and patient preferences, in clinical practice.

What is Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)?

EBM is "the conscientious use of current best evidence in making clinical decisions about patient care". This original definition is attributed to this article by Sackett, et al.

Why Conduct EBM Research?

Athletic trainers conduct Evidence-Based research to support Evidence-Based Practice. Trainers use EBM because they want the best outcomes for their patients. 

The Focus = finding evidence of the best methods, interventions and practices
The Evidence = found in the most current professional research literature
The Goal = best outcomes for the patient

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Thank you to MassBay Community College Librarian Karen Delorey, who granted permission to adapt her evidence-based practice guide.