Anti-Racist Resources

Courses in History and Political Science

  • HIST 113: US History to 1877
  • HIST 250: Museums, Monuments & Memory
  • HIST 320: Legacies of Slavery and Freedom
  • HIST 320: The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • POSC 401: Race and Ethnic Politics

Courses in English and Communications

  • ENGL 150: College Writing II - Prof. Noel teaches her CW2 course focusing on race relations and identity and Prof. Beilin (Fall 2020, Section 15) will be centering antiracism in the readings and writing for the course.
  • ENGL 207: Introduction to American Ethnic Studies
  • ENGL 208: Experiments in Creative Writing (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, Sections 01 & 02) In this course at least two units will be of particular interest as we explore the poetry of the Black Lives Matter movement and consider Afrofuturism as a literary movement and mode.
  • ENGL 303: Writing Prose: Narrative Medicine (Spring 2020, Section 01) In our consideration of how patients use personal narrative to inflect and critique the medical industrial complex we will necessarily be reading about racist and sexist histories of medicine and will study the narratives of POC and WOC in particular. 
  • ENGL 313:Global Anglophone Language and Literature (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021) world literature in the contemporary, post-colonial period with a focus on writing from Africa, the Caribbean, and South Asia
  • ENGL 381: African American Literature (Spring 2021) an introduction to literature produced in the United States with a focus on writing by and about African Americans from the country’s inception to the present period.
  • ENGL 441: US Racial Theory
  • ENGL 441: Community Dialogue Workshop
  • ENGL 441: Faulkner and the Global South
  • ENGL 441: Modern and Contemporary Black Literatures of the Americas
  • ENGL 441: Gender and Global Modernisms
  • ENGL 441: Creativity and Survival
  • ENGL 441: Visions & Voices: Multiethnic Literature and Art
  • ENGL 441: Community Dialogue Workshop (Fall 2020) a high-impact, community-based learning course that puts students directly in the classroom, leading discussions on important topics, such as race, sexuality, identity, and community. 
  • ENGL 490: Senior Seminar, Media and Immigration (Spring 2018)

  • COMM 400: Intercultural Communications

Courses in Sociology and Anthropology

  • ANTH 240: Peoples of the World (Fall 2020 & Spring 2021)
  • ANTH 305: Anthropology of Refugees and Displacement (Fall 2020)
  • ANTH 310: Global Health
  • ANTH 315: Community Health (Fall 2020)
  • ANTH 323: Culture & Conflict in Africa
  • ANTH 345: Culture, Health, and Illness
  • ANTH 365: Gender Roles & Culture
  • ANTH 380 Gender & Health (Spring 2021)

  • TRVL 300 South Africa (Spring 2021)

  • SOCI 201: Social Problems 
  • SOCI 305: Latinas in U.S. Society (Fall semesters)
  • SOCI 321: Race and Ethnic Relations (Spring semesters)
  • SOCI 359: Criminology
  • SOCI 402: Genocide
  • SOCI 403: Social Movements
  • SOCI 441: Social Stratification​

  • SOWK 241: Intro to Social Work (Fall 2020) - an introduction to the field of Social Work with an emphasis on its social justice mission; students explore their own social identities (race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic class, etc.) in relation to others and to society more broadly
  • SOWK/POSC 340: Inequality & Social Policy (Fall 2020) - this cross-listed courses looks at inequality in the U.S. with a specific focus on the intersection between racial and socioeconomic inequalities (history, current policies, alternatives for the future, etc.)
  • SOWK 355 Community Organizing - introduces students to the hands-on work of organizing for change; students determine issues of focus and develop and implement change campaigns
  • SOWK 395 Poverty & Place
  • SOWK 395: Intergroup Dialogue  - a small group, co-facilitated dialogue course that explores issues of social identity, systemic injustice, privilege and oppression, and action for change
  • Intergroup Dialogue (right now listed as a SOWK 395 Special Topics course, but in the process of being assigned a permanent course number, co-taught with Michael Obasohan) - a small group, co-facilitated dialogue course that explores issues of social identity, systemic injustice, privilege and oppression, and action for change
  • SOWK/SOCI 540 Social Work/Criminal Justice/Sociology Internship

Courses in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • IDST 150 : Introduction Cross-Cultural & Social Justice Studies
  • IDST 299: Prison, Punishment, and Society
  • IDST 150: Introduction to Cross-Cultural & Social Justice Studies
  • IDST 299: Intro to Urban Studies
  • IDST/ENVI 350: World History in Contexts

CORE Courses

  • CCHH 230: Introduction to Latinx Studies
  • CCSS 269: Education and Society
  • CCCA 207: Children’s Literature

Other Classes

  • HLTH 150: Introduction to Community and Public Health

  • BADM 390: Managing Workplace Diversity