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Most (but not all) theatre books have call numbers which start with PN 1560 - PN 1590   

For example:

PN 1560-1590 The performing arts. Show business

PN 1600-3307 Drama

Literature - Drama

PQ 1-3999 French Literature   (includuing drama collections (i.e. plays)
PQ 4001-5999 Italian literature  (includuing drama collections (i.e. plays)  
PR 1-9680 English literature (includuing drama collections (i.e. plays)
PR 1-9680 American literature (includuing drama collections (i.e. plays)
PT 1-9999 Germanic literatures (includuing drama collections (i.e. plays)

Manners and Customs

GT 1-7070 Manners and customs (General)
GT 165-476 Houses. Dwellings.
GT 500-2370 Costume. Dress. Fashion.
GT 3400-5090 Customs: Public and social life (town/court life, festivals, holidays, royalty, etc.)
GT 5320-6390 Customs: Special classes (e.g. by birth, rank, occupation)


GV 1575 -1981 Dancing


M Music (Musical scores, printed parts, etc.)
     MT 955 Musical Theatre, opera

Essential Databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another resource for finding research articles. Look on the right hand side of the screen for the "Check MCLA Full-Text" links that will bring you to the article in one of our databases. You can also look for the free PDFs listed on the right hand side. If you are off-campus, use these instructions to set it up for full access to library resources.

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