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M: Music

  • M2: Monuments, sources, reprints, etc. 
  • M3: Complete and collected works of individual masters 
  • M5-M1450: Instrumental music 
  • M1495-M2199: vocal music 

Books About Music

  • ML13: Almanacs, directories, etc. 
  • ML48: librettos
  • ML50: librettos 
  • ML55: essays, papers, addresses, etc. 
  • ML86: portraits, pictorial works 
  • ML90: writings on musicians 
  • ML93: manuscripts, autographs, facsimiles 
  • ML100: dictionaries, encyclopedias 
  • ML111: bibliography 
  • ML159: history and criticism 
  • ML410: biographies of composers 
  • ML460: instruments and instrumental music 
  • ML1400: vocal music 
  • ML3781: national (i.e., "folk") music 
  • ML3800: philosophy and physics 
  • MT2: history and criticism of theory 
  • MT6-MT950: instruction and study 

Essential Databases

Selected Websites

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