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BF Psychology
BF 173-175.5 Psychoanalysis
BF 176-176.5 Psychological tests and testing
BF 180-198.7 Experimental psychology
BF 309-499 Consciousness. Cognition
BF 318            Learning
BF 318.5-319.5.V4 Experiential learning. Conditioned response
BF 321-323.V5 Apperception. Attention
BF 335-337 Habit. Adjustment
BF 370-387.N34 Memory
BF 408-426 Creative processes. Imagination. Invention
BF 431-433.S63 Intelligence. Mental ability. Intelligence testing.
BF 441-449.5 Thought and thinking
BF 455.A1-467 Psycholinguistics. Psychology of meaning
BF 501-505 Motivation
BF 511-593 Affection. Feeling. Emotion
BF 608-635 Will. Volition. Choice. Control
BF 636-637 Applied psychology
BF 636.5-636.7.S57 Counseling psychology. Counseling
BF 692-692.5 Psychology of sex. Sexual behavior
BF 697-697.5 Differential psychology. Individuality. Self
BF 698-698.9 Personality
BF 712-724.85 Developmental psychology
BF 719-720 Infant psychology. Newborn infant psychology
BF 721-723.W67 Child psychology
BF 724-724.3.W67 Adolescence. Youth
BF 724.5-724.85.S92 Adulthood
BF 795-839 Temperament. Character
R Medicine
RC Internal medicine
RC 321-571 Neurosciences. Biological psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry
RC 346-429 Neurology
RC 435-571 Psychiatry
RC 475-489 Therapeutics. Psychotherapy
RC 490-499 Hypnotism and hypnosis. Suggestion therapy
RC 500-510 Psychoanalysis
RC 512-569.5 Psychopathology
RC 512-528 Psychoses
RC 530-552 Neuroses
RC 554-569.5 Personality disorders. Behavior problems
RC 569.7-571 Developmental disabilities

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