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Resources for students in CCAP 300, Summer 2022

Starting your academic research at the library website is a good idea for several reasons:

1. Greater likelihood of finding the types of sources you need

While popular or commercial information tends to come up at the top of search results in Google, library search tools lead you directly to scholarly and academic sources.

Example: If you are researching DNA testing and search for "DNA testing" on Google, the first several hits will be for companies that sell DNA testing kits.

If, on the other hand, we start with the library's Search Everything box, we see a Research Starter (overview of the topic written by experts) followed by links to scholarly journal articles, books, magazines, and newspapers.

2. Get seamless access to content that MCLA pays for on your behalf

MCLA pays to provide you with access to a wealth of resources that would normally lurk behind a paywall. However, to view this paid content, you need to use a special library-specific link (available on the library website) or configure the search tool you are using so that it connects to our library. 

For example: If you come across an article from the journal JAMA on the free Web, you won't be able to read the full article (and will be asked to pay $30 for a printable PDF!).

If, on the other hand, you navigate to JAMA through the library website, you'll see a notice letting you know that MCLA has paid for access, and you'll be able to read the full article.

Never pay for articles that you find online! The library can almost always get them for you for free.

3. Help is never far away

MCLA librarians are here to help at every stage in the research process. We are familiar with the courses and assignments you are working on and can recommend sources and strategies that will help you succeed. Librarians are available in person, via chat, email, Teams, phone, and text. Ask us! We are here for you.