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The Mind's Eye

A Liberal Arts Journal

A Call for Submissions

DUE: September 30, 2017 The Dog Diaries

Guest editor Jennifer Zoltanski, Chair and Associate Professor of Sociology

I welcome submissions on dogs and the bonds we develop with them. The idea for this issue stems from the recent passing of Amber, my Avatar Banshee girl of fourteen years. The loss of one’s beloved dog companion is so psychically traumatic that many dog owners swear they will never again have a dog because the hurt is just too great. And yet, many do because dogs teach us so much about our own selves and the world in which we live. This has been the case for thousands of years.

I envision an eclectic Mind’s Eye edition that explores the tangible and symbolic affection bonds that people have with dogs. Submissions can include poetry, fiction, science fiction, essay musings, artistic works, photojournalism and more formal academic research/papers on dogs. Given how much dogs impart to us, Dog Diaries will represent a cathartic “Thank You” for best-friends, past, present, and future. I look forward to your submissions!

DUE: January 30, 2018 We the People

Managing Editor, Melanie Mowinski, Associate Professor of Art

We the People from the preamble of the Constitution has been widely interpreted over the decades since its signing. The 2016 Presidential election sparked protests, action and art-making amongst Americans, many who felt their understanding of We the People was in jeopardy, regardless of party affiliation. For this issue, we welcome poetry, fiction, science fiction, essay musings, artistic works, photojournalism, case studies and more formal academic research/papers that explore and identify the who behind We the People as well as elements of the preamble of the Constitution, including justice, domestic tranquility, common defense, general welfare and liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

DUE: September 30, 2018  Pedagogy

Guest Editor: Rosanne F. Denhard, Ph.D., Professor of English

Pedagogy as defined by the Oxford English dictionary: the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept. This issue calls for poetry, fiction, science fiction, essay musings, artistic works, photojournalism, case studies and more formal academic research/papers into how pedagogy changes in relation to generational needs, experimental pedagogy, challenges to pedagogical approaches and ways of feeding and inspiring one’s own pedagogical practices and philosophies.

The Mind’s Eye is a peer-reviewed journal of the Massachusetts College of the Liberal Arts that publishes scholarly and creative work. While emphasizing articles of scholarly merit, the journal focuses on the general communication of ideas of interest to liberal arts.

The Mind’s Eye transitioned from a printed journal to an online journal in 2017. We are very excited about this new format and look forward to showcasing the wide range of work that our colleagues are exploring. We will aim to publish a new “issue” at the end of each semester. Please see the other side of this paper for upcoming themes and deadlines.

Submit unpublished material as an email attachment in .docx (Microsoft Word) format. Please use MLA style for endnotes. While we will consider articles of unspecified length, preference is given to manuscripts of fewer than 20 pages. In addition to commentaries and studies, we will consider other formats, including fiction, poetry, book reviews, interviews, cartoons, drawings and photography.

Submit your manuscripts to:

Melanie Mowinski
Associate Professor of Art
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
375 Church Street
North Adams, MA 01247