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Faculty & Staff Resources: Putting Items on Reserve

Reserve Request Form

To place materials on reserve use the Freel Library Reserve Request Form 

All reserve requests must be submitted 48 hours in advance. See instructions on filling out the form.

For questions about placing course materials on reserve contact Glenn Lawson 662-5326

Putting Material on Reserve

What is the Course Reserve Collection?

The Course Reserve collection is the collection materials selected by instructors for use by students registered in specific courses at MCLA. 

What can I place on Course Reserves?

  • Commercially published textbooks;
  • Courseware packages;
  • Library-owned books, journal volumes and other materials;
  • Instructor-owned books; (please make sure your name is written in the book)
  • Materials in which the instructor holds copyright (i.e. lecture notes);

Where is the Course Reserve Collection?

The collection is at the Circulation Desk , Main Floor,  Freel Library (413-662-5321).

Placing Items on Course Reserve

To place material on Reserve instructors are asked to please use the Freel Library Reserve Request Form and deliver copies of readings to the circulation desk of the Freel Library in person. Please allow 48 hours for processing reserve requests.

Are there limits to the number of items that can be placed on Course Reserve?

Due to space constraints and processing demands, a limit of 40 items per course is in place. Under exceptional circumstances, appeals to exceed this limit may be submitted to Glenn Lawson, Head, Access Services.

What if the Freel Library does not own the item I’d like to put on reserve?

It is possible to place a personal copy of any commercially produced item on course reserve. Bring any personal copies you wish to place on reserve to the Reserve Desk of the Freel Library.

The Freel Library will also attempt to order books needed for course reserve. Please contact Maureen Horak well in advance of when the item is needed for Course Reserve to inquire about ordering books for Course Reserve that the Library does not own.

How can I check on what I have on reserve?

You can look at what is on reserve at our course reserves website.