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Apps for Research & Writing: GoodReader

A guide containing recommended apps for research, ebook reading, and document storage, sharing, annotating and citing.

Saving Articles from Databases on your Device

GoodReader allows you to download, store, and manage different file types from just about anywhere. Below I'll go over steps to download a PDF from the library databases and save it to GoodReader.

The steps below assume your are searching the databases from a browser on your device, not one of the database apps. If you are using an app, check the database apps page for more information on sending documents from there.

Choose a library database to search from.
Do keyword search.


Choose an article  that is available full-text, these will have the "retrieve item" icon or PDF icon under the citation Choose the PDF full-text option for your article.


The document will open in a new tab. Click anywhere on the screen and a bar will show up at the top giving you an icon for "Open in..." choose "Open In..." and then GoodReader.

For items that aren't PDFs (i.e. they are web pages), go to the address bar, tap the URL and choose select all, then copy. Open GoodReader, go to Web Downloads, and choose Enter URL. It will automatically paste in the URL you have copied and download the page to GoodReader. Goodreader will open the page and store it in the downloads section.

Once Goodreader has opened the file, you can close the app. The article is automatically saved to your GoodReader library

GoodReader Features

GoodReader is a file viewer with many powerful features, most of which address PDF and TXT viewing.

GoodReader is a very complex application. It incorporates a lot of non-obvious features and solutions. This manual covers all of the features.

Annotating in GoodReader

GoodReader allows you to highlight, underline, cross out text, and make notes on documents saved to GoodReader. This video will show you how.