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Apps for Research & Writing: EBL

A guide containing recommended apps for research, ebook reading, and document storage, sharing, annotating and citing.


EBL offers a very large collection of ebooks well-suited for academic research as well as technical guides for the DIY enthusiast. Similar to Ebrary in content matter, this can be a great place to do academic research.


EBL offers innovative functionality such as:

* Multiple concurrent access (multiple people reading at the same time)
* Online and offline access
* Read aloud for all titles
* Browsing before borrowing

Compatible Devices:
Desktop & Mobile browsers. - There is no mobile app. Most, but not all, EBL functionality can accessed via a mobile browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Silk). Some EBL titles can be downloaded or transferred to a device that supports Adobe Digital Editions or the free Bluefire Reader app.  EBL is primarily designed to be used from a desktop or laptop computer.

Download & Mobile Options

EBL titles can be downloaded or transferred to any device that supports Adobe Digital Editions or the free Bluefire Reader app. This includes the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android devices and most ebook readers.

See additional details (right column on this page) for downloading to a mobile device 

Download to a mobile device

EBL ebooks may be downloaded to and read on ebook readers and mobile devices that support Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). A list of devices that support ADE is available at

Download options are located in the Download tab in the EBL Online Reader.

To download an EBL ebook to a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or Android phone, download and install the Bluefire Reader app for Apple iOS or AndroidWhen you use Bluefire Reader for the first time, you will be prompted to authorize your device with an Adobe ID. Authorization is required to read ebooks that have been secured with Adobe's digital rights management (DRM) software. If you do not have an Adobe ID and password, create a free Adobe ID. You will only need to enter it once. The Bluefire Reader FAQs provide additional information.

Downloading will automatically save the ebook in your Bluefire Reader library, where it will be available for reading offline. Tap on a cover image or book title in your Library to read an ebook. Tap or swipe to turn the page, or navigate using the Table of Contents. Tap the center of the screen to view the Book Navigation Control Bar for additional options. You can also search the text of the ebook, adjust settings, and create bookmarks and notes.

If an ebook expires and you need additional offline access, you may download it again in the EBL Online Reader